RS Prussia Porcelain Berry Bowl Set Master & Six Bowls FD 48 Realistic Dogwood Mold 277 Wavy Scallops

Wonderful RS Prussia Berry Bowl set in Wavy Scallop mold 277 decorated with FD 48 flower realistic dogwood pattern, very pretty delicate colors of white and green with hints of pale yellow. Set includes the master bowl and six small serving bowls

Bottom is marked with the star and wreath ~ Mark 4 attributed to either Suhl or Tilowitz page 32 of Gaston's Refrence Book

Circa 1900-1915

Measures: Master measures Approx 10" with the berry bowls measuring approx 5" in diameter

Condition: No Chips or Cracks to any pieces, one of the smaller bowls has a darker color throughout the porcelain 

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