Rare Miniature Antique Armor Mesh Rosary Purse Cherub Carved Top Amethyst Glass Jeweled Top

A fabulous early miniature armor mesh rosary purse designed with embossed cherub faces on the top set with a purple amethyst colored glass gem in the center. This wonderful and rare find is in great condition, still closes and opens without issue and the only thing we see missing are two tiny metal beads that would have hung from the bottom. A great find, these small bags were most popular from the mid 1800s through the 1920s, designed to hold ones rosary beads inside and were often specially commissioned as communion gifts.

Measures: 3.25" long, a true miniature piece!

Condition: some scratches to amethyst stone, there is a small silver bead that hangs from the bottom on the right indicating there was once probably three of these, can easily be found and replaced if desired. The top could use a little cleaning as a closeup under a magnifier shows a little green oxidation in the crevices. It probably also once had a finger ring around the small chain as was customary with these bags.

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