Pair of Art Deco German Porcelain Bisque Bathing Beauty Flapper Figurines

A lovely pair of of miniature bisque German bathing beauty flapper figurines in nude with red caps over blonde pixie haircuts and matching red slippers. Both are positioned with their arms folded in front of them, one is numbered on the leg, each has some very minor firing issues explained below, still a beautiful set of Art Deco ladies. 

Dimensions: 3" L Ea. 

Condition: One Bather has a fissure at front thigh meets torso area, not all the way around original to the firing. Second doll has a very, very, well executed repair to her neck, does not appear to have been a full break and has  a seal glaze over it, also could have happened during making. Its very difficult to see without bright light that is how well the repair or preventive damage was done.

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