Early JDK Kestner Pouty Face Bisque Shoulder Head Doll Marked 8

A beautiful pouty face JDK Kestner bisque shoulder head doll with grey/blue eyes and feathered brows, she has delicate highlighted eyelashes in dark shade with the red dots applied to each corner of her eyes and nose. Mouth is executed in a full pout closed mouth, almost giving her a somber sad expression, she has slightly pinked cheeks against her peach complexion. Bisque hands are attached to her kid leather body that is jointed at elbows and knees. Marked only with the number 8 on the back of her shoulder head, single digit numbers were used by JD Kestner in the early days of the company, (1860-1890). 

Bisque head marked/incised 8 at top ad bottom of shoulder plate

SIZE: 18"

Doll is in overall Very Good to Excellent Condition. Head is free of hairlines, cracks, chips, or any damage. eyes are clear and without damage, all paint is intact and shows no wear. Her right hand fingers are sheared off at the ends and one finger on her left hand has been repaired, she has leather reinforced to gusset of each upper shoulder/arm area otherwise the leather is fine. Blonde mohair wig appears to be original and is good, outfit is a replaced vintage dress.

*All Dolls are packaged with greatest care, bisque heads are stuffed for safe travel, doll will be wrapped and tripled layered, placed in reinforced cardboard box for shipping.

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