Orange Amber Celluloid Hair Comb

A beautiful vintage celluloid hair comb in translucent amber color, Art Deco period, the comb has a high rectangular head that fans out at the top with a lovely openwork design.

This type of ornament is often known as Spanish or mantilla comb because it resembles a smaller version of the traditional large shell ornaments worn by Spanish ladies with their native dress. In practice any comb which has a high upstanding heading or top which stands proud of the top of the head is often called a mantilla comb. Such combs are worn placed high on the head in order to allow the beauty of their ornamental cresting to be admired.

Measures: SIZE: 5 ins h x 3 ins w (13 x 7.5 cm)

Condition: EXCELLENT, No breaks, normal wear to comb from age and use

Circa 1900-1920s

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