Antique Art Deco Amber Celluloid Hair Comb

A beautiful vintage celluloid hair comb in translucent amber color, Art Deco period, the comb has a wide rectangular head and lovely openwork design with solid bands running in-between.

*NOTE: The comb appears to have lace behind it but it does NOT its the cloth under the comb and the high resolution from the camera picked up the detail and the reflection of the color from the comb. The third to the last picture shows the comb without the background removed so you can see its the cloth. TY.

This type of ornament is often known as Spanish or mantilla comb because it resembles a smaller version of the traditional large shell ornaments worn by Spanish ladies with their native dress. In practice any comb which has a high upstanding heading or top which stands proud of the top of the head is often called a mantilla comb. Such combs are worn placed high on the head in order to allow the beauty of their ornamental cresting to be admired.

Measures: SIZE: 5" h x 3.75" w (13 x 8.8 cm)

Condition: EXCELLENT, No breaks, normal wear to comb from age and use

Circa 1900-1920s

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