H.P. Sinclaire Ravenwood Porcelain Hand Painted Tankard Pitcher

A fantastic hand painted porcelain tankard pitcher with a deep maroon base and handle, having draping grapes with leaves surrounding the entire body of the piece, top and bottom are both trimmed in gold gilt.

Ravenwood was the pottery/porcelain division of H.P. Sinclaire Studios in Corning NY. The area was in operation from 1900 through 1914. Each porcelain piece was hand painted on imported blanks, many from top quality German and French manufactures and each marked with the black raven on a branch with the word "Ravenwood" scrolled below.

This particular tankard was probably a blank from the Limoges factory as it is nearly identical in shape and size of their popular French painted pitchers.

Measures: 12" tall, 6" base and a 5" opening at spout

Condition: No chips or cracks, no crazing, some very minimal wear to gold gilt trim at top and bottom rim. Near Museum Quality Condition.

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