Harry Davidson Artist Proof Wood Cut Etching After Kenyon Cox

A wonderful etching woodcut engraving after Kenyon Cox (1856-1919) by Century Magazine engraver Harry Davidson titled "Israel". This particular engraving is an original artist proof.

Measures 7.5" by 4.5"

Remarkable condition, no tears or rips, one tiny age spot dot in the man's back shoulder (size: tip of a 

We also have a copy of the magazine illustration with the article from May 1887 34th edition of Century Magazine. 
The article shows the engraving after the original painting which was titled by Cox "Jacob Wrestling with the Angel" (1886), along with a poem by John Hay titled "Israel". 
The original painting by Cox, a well known American Renaissance artist, is listed as location and dimensions unknown. 

Harry Davidson (1858-1924) is listed to have began working for Century Magazine in 1878. He was a prominent member of the Manhattan Chess Club, so well known his winnings are recorded on the chess games website. His obituary indicates he worked for Century Magazine for 25 years, was an art critic for Vogue Magazine, and a member of the Salmangundi Club and Art Center.

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