Scarce 1886 EAPG Belmont No.100 Daisy Button Canary Yellow Vaseline Uranium Glass Open Compote

A beautiful and EAPG, Early American Pattern Glass, Open compote in Canary Yellow Uranium/Vaseline Glass by the Belmont Co No.100 Daisy and Button pattern. The compote has gorgeous intricate open lattice style rim with the daisy and button pattern throughout the body and stem, the base is very pretty with a scalloped design. A harder to find piece, I believe this was originally sold with a top but have seen examples without so I am not sure. The glass is a nice canary yellow that glows well under blacklight made of uranium or what some refer to as Vaseline glass.

Circa 1886

Dimensions: Approx. 5 1/2" T., 8" Wide top, 4 1/2" Base
No Chips, Cracks, or Repairs, Overall Excellent.

Documentation:  Lethbridge/Thomas - The Belmont Glass Works, 1866-1890

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