Hand Painted California Poppies Porcelain Cake Plate Porcelain

A beautiful poppy pattern decorated porcelain cake plate hand painted in soft shades of orange and green. This gorgeous plate is what is referred to as home studio art, executed on what is a probably a German or French porcelain blank purchased or given to a decorator of the time. It was a common practice during the late 1800s thru the 1930s for women to work on commission for porcelain distributors in America.

Measures: approx. 10 1/2" diameter

Unmarked plate with impressed number to backside '77'

Circa 1900s

Excellent. No chips, cracks, or repairs. Decoration is intact with very minimal wear.

These women, who were often considered amateur, were actually far from the word. What developed was a huge cottage industry of women artists who were not only passionate about painting, but were extremely skilled and talented, but due to the social stigmas of the era, they were never allowed to achieve professional status.
The women would purchase or be given porcelain blanks, return home, decorate the article, and return the piece to the distributor for small payment. Often these artists would acquire pieces unmarked by the porcelain manufacturer as payment in itself and decorate the pieces for their own personal collections or use.

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