Fenton Carnival Glass Green Peacock Tail Ruffle Bowl

A beautiful carnival glass antique Fenton Peacock Tail Ruffled Bowl with Panel Back Electric on Green and the classic 6 ruffle edge Wide Panel back pattern on green collar base.
Fenton's Peacock Tail pattern has pleased carnival glass collectors from the start of production in 1909.
The interior colors are so vibrant - almost electric, mirror like hues of gold, pink and aqua blue blending into a subtle 'rainbow' of colors expanding out to the ruffled edges. The exterior Wide Panel pattern has shades of gold, pink and blue with a mirror-like smoky iridizations on the outer edge.

Dimensions: 6-7" across and 2 1/2" T.

This piece is around 100 years old and is in excellent antique condition. No chips, cracks or repairs. This is antique carnival glass and m old/straw marks, small bubbles, cinders and color variants of iridizations are typical of all carnival glass. And does not necessarily detract from the beauty or character of any piece.
Condition can be Very Subjective to each individual collector - Multiple photos from different angles and in different lighting were taken to showcase the beauty and uniqueness of this piece. Please look at photos carefully as they are part of my description.

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